Friday, February 28, 2014

pixiv highlight // mikakunin de shinkoukei by ねこうめ






> kobeni, benio, mashiro, konoha // mikakunin de shinkoukei
> artist : ねこうめ


> mizushima saki // the idolm@ster : side-M
> artist : ねこうめ

Friday, January 24, 2014

pixiv highlight // love live ! by ツル川


> ayase eli x toujou nozomi // love live ! ~school idol project~
> artist : ツル川

best ponies // applejack


it's hard to dismiss applejack's quality as the best friend one could ever have. being the representation of the element of honesty, she's always around to tell against what you would be doing wrong. and working her best to support you at the cost of her own time and leisure. well a true friend at heart indeed. and besides, she's possibly the most hardworking of the mane six, though at times she tends to overwork herself to disastrous ends - an earth pony that can be so hard line at keeping / rewarding responsibility.

her friendly rivalry with rainbow dash is one of the most admirable thing about her ( and in general, the two ). though the two friends can often go at odds against each other at the tip of a hat, still they're quick to reconcile and let their problems become the past. the same can even be said with applejack's relationship with the posh and glamorous rarity, of whom is the opposite of the mirror of applejack.

though applejack weren't as elegant nor girly in appearance much as rarity or fluttershy, she too has her own cute moments, and can be just as adorable as both rarity and fluttershy when she needs to be, or sometimes via her own casual reactions to things. as if i could possibly forget her extreme blushings when told that she's a cute and adorable pony in one of the latest episode of season four.


every brony / pegasister has their own choice of their best pony, and applejack currently is one of my favorites. therefore from time to time i will write on my other best ponies for our regular 'best ponies' feature, and hopefully others could share with us their respective best ponies in the comments =w= )/)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

intermission // why we went into hiatus


social media was the primary culprit. we were getting lazy at working on new, lengthy posts for the blog, and twitter certainly made us procrastinate a lot. we blamed everything on creativity block though in reality it was due to us ourselves being more comfortable with the way twitter works - for itwas far easier to engage in ongoing active discussions there compared to this blog here. therefore, we opted to stick around the place for a while, which in turn has robbed our entire time and attention from this blog. we ourselves are the ones to blame.

that aside, we had silently nurtured quite a distaste over our previous writings / postings at this blog, most of which were no longer adhering to the initial concept and quality we had in mind when we first started this blog back in 2008. we tried ( in vain ) to rewrite some of them, hoping to amend as much posts as could be saved. but that really was quite an exhausting effort, and soon enough we came to grown tired of it, and decided to dump what we were doing altogether, and  to forget the whole 'saving this blog' thing when we could instead go back to twitter and spread our love for cosplay right over there. our cause was lost, and so this blog was left to die a lonely death of its own. how cruel of us.

however, at times we would come to miss the specific feel we had with posting on the stuff we really love over at this blog here. especially with all the cosplay tweets getting multiple retweets and favorites back at twitter - and not to mention you'll never get to properly archive your posts there, so some of the good stuff may forever be drown and lost by the new ones that keeps and keeps piling on top of each others day after day. so we kept looking back at this blog from time to time, and finally it was just recently that we decided to return and do things right for the better this time around.

long story short, we're back. and here's to hoping that we'll be around forever from now on. 

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